The End of a Canterbury Tale

In September 2014, I travelled to Canterbury to enroll as an undergraduate student. Naturally, I was terrified. I was about to start in a new academic environment and I had no idea what to expect.

Would I make friends?

Will I succeed?

Did I make the right choice?

These questions were constantly going round in my head, and unbeknown to me at the time, I couldn’t have been more stupid and paranoid to worry about such things.

Here I am, in March 2017, six months away from finally graduating with a B.A. Hons degree in Creative and Professional Writing, after the most challenging and stressful, but amazing, three years of my life so far. Has it been easy? No. But since when has university ever been easy for anyone?

Over the past three years, I’ve changed a lot. I’ve grown in a way that I never would’ve expected to happen whilst I was at school. I’ve become more outgoing, social, honest and confident as well as another host of things that I never thought I’d overcome. I’ve embraced my flaws and stepped out of my comfort zone, trying new things and grabbing opportunities instead of waiting for them to happen. I have truly lived during my time at university.

As sentimental as I can be, I’m going to miss everything about university when I leave. The campus, the people, the memories… all of it. As I prepare myself for the working world, I can’t help but wonder if my life would’ve been the same if I hadn’t decided to sign up to UCAS in sixth form. And as much as I hate to admit it, I’m going to miss the assignments. The theory? Maybe less, but I’m definitely going to miss the creative stuff which will be in my portfolio for future employers to look at.

Also, I’m going to miss my small group of friends who have literally made my life at uni so funny and great. I don’t think I’m ready to say goodbye and go my own way, but I’m hoping we will remain friends for a long time after graduation. I couldn’t thank them enough for being a part of my life and I wish them every single bit of success in the future.

The assignments might be stressful, but when I stand up on that platform in September, the effort and sleepless nights will be worth it all. I’m not ready for my time at Canterbury Christ Church University to be over, but I’m excited about what the future brings.

Let’s do this, Class of 2017. Let’s make our final months as students worth the hard work. Let’s get those 1st and 2:1 class honours with integrity and pride. We are the future.

As a chapter ends, another one begins. It is the end of my own Canterbury Tale.


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