Confessions of a Music Lover

Music is something I’ve loved since forever.

Is there a day I can go without it? Of course not.

There is nothing better than sitting down after a long day, with a steaming cup of tea in one hand, blasting your favourite songs, and just forgetting about the problems in your life.

I come from a family where music is everything. My late great-granddad used to play the saxophone, my dad and granddad play the drums, and my brother and I are learning to play the guitar (even though I’m still an amateur). It’s constantly playing in my house, and even though it irritates my mum, she never tells us to turn it off unless she wants to watch her TV shows.

I have always relied on music as a means of letting my bottled-up feelings out. There are songs that make me laugh, cry, think, or just simply want to dance to, and that’s the beauty of it.

I have a deep appreciation for all styles and genres. Even though I’m not a keen listener of rap or country music, there are the odd days where I feel I want to listen to it. Personally, I’m more of an alternative/indie rock guy, but my taste in music is so unpredictable, I could be listening to “mainstream” music at some point. I love the songs that make you feel as if you can accomplish anything, or make you feel better about yourself, or even want to start a revolution, but they’re so underrated in an industry where pop music is the dominant genre. If you follow me on social media, you’ll know I’m always tweeting lyrics or using them as captions for my photos on Facebook and Instagram. Why? Because, to me, they have a personal meaning.

There is a song for every situation. On rough days, I find myself relying on my favourite bands to cheer me up, and it nearly always works. If you’ve suffered a loss, or just seen something traumatic happen right in front of your eyes, music can make you forget it and leave to another world.

Live music is an escape. I’ve only been to 4 gigs in my life, just recently a week ago, but every time, I’ve just lost myself in the raucous screaming and shouting of the crowds. I’m singing and dancing along to the songs I’ve grown to love, and although I sound awful, I just don’t care. I’m losing myself in the moment. It’s so surreal to hear the songs you’ve listened to through an album on Spotify in real life. With the acts saying: “Are you ready, London? I said, “ARE YOU READY?” It’s energetic. The atmosphere of a concert is powerful. You are there with every other person who shares that mutual interest; maybe for the same reason as you. It may be a case where that band ‘saved’ your life, or a certain song did, or maybe you’re just there to lose yourself in the music and enjoy yourself. Who knows? I would rather leave a concert panting and with beads of sweat falling from my forehead, than not enjoy myself at all. Every ounce of awkwardness I feel in public disappears within a millisecond, and that’s all down to music.

Music is art. Reading a book or looking at a famous piece of art isn’t quite the same as listening to someone’s voice and every emotion hitting you like a tonne of bricks. Nothing can compare to that, and it’s one of the most amazing feelings you could ever experience. It’s like a supernova; explosive, colourful, and divine.

Music doesn’t discriminate.



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