A Writer’s World

“Why do writers create worlds?” is a question I’ve been asked regularly during my time at school. I had no definite answer because, why do we create worlds that are completely different from our own, and what do we gain from it?

It’s a universal question that has many different answers from various writers. It’s incredibly hard to pinpoint, hence why I’m only going to give my opinion on what a writer’s world is like and why I create my own.

The most popular novels, written for both adults and children, have featured a fictional world with magic, idealism and the ‘perfection’ of a society. Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire and Lord of the Rings are all excellent examples.

I’m a massive fan of Harry Potter. Anyone who knows me, will tell you that. As a child, I longed to be in Harry’s world. It was something entirely magical and different to me that I just fell in love with it. Hogwarts, riding broomsticks and casting spells left me awestruck and I kept wondering to myself,

“Why am I in such a boring world? Why can’t I be a wizard?” 

As a writer, I create my own worlds to escape from this dark and gloomy one. It feels good to be the “God” of your own world; created entirely from your mind. There are no limitations to it; it’s yours and yours only. No one can take the magic away from you when you’re the one who created it in the first place.

Also, I use it to make a point about the world we’re living in today. I use this technique to deliver my views on our world to readers through ambiguous story-telling, and nevertheless, it works all the time. Readers react to it, opening their minds about the problems we face regarding society and the environment today. It’s much easier than writing a memoir or diary entry, ranting about it in such a mediocre way, it becomes whiny.

Why not use your imagination to express your views? It’s more enjoyable, I’m sure.

It’s increasingly popular for writers because it’s seen as a challenge and it’s something we can all escape to, reader or writer. It doesn’t matter. World-creating is a great way to open the mind further beyond your boundaries and it gives a unique, personal touch to a piece of writing, whether it be a poem or a novel.

Have a go at it and tell me how you feel about being the creator of your very own world. It’s a liberating feeling for writers and I’m sure no one can deny it’s fun and a legendary means of getting a story across to the reader.




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